Purex plus Oxi {Review & Giveaway}

We recently rearranged my son’s room and added more foxes (more on this soon).  Unfortunately, Bug gets nosebleeds in the middle of the night and of course he has had 3 on his new bedding in the last few weeks.  I have tried several stain removers and have had modest success with the stains.  I had just gotten a bottle of Purex with Oxi and I gave it the 2 am bloody nose test.  How did it do?
Purex plus Oxi liquid detergent claims to remove tough stains-101 of them apparently!  Well lets just say at 2 in the morning I didn’t follow the ‘Pour a little Purex onto the stain, and then rub the stained fabric together using your fingers.  After waiting firve minutes, wash as normal’ part to the T.  Try ‘dump a bunch on stained pillow case, ball up so it doesn’t dribble all over the floor.  Ignore until reasonable hour’.  And guess what—-once washed I couldn’t find the stain!  I could see a trace of one from the last time but not this new one!  Yipee! 
I have tried it for a few weeks now as a stain remover and as a regular detergent.  As a regular laundry detergent I would say its cleaning power meets my expectations (but I am a regular Purex user).  As a stain remover I was impressed with most stains but I will still be keeping a few other pre-treaters on hand as it hasn’t removed all my stains, all the way, all the time.  But to be honest I think i expected that.  Different stains work better with different types of removers and I am ok with that.  The reason I like Purex is it has a great price, goes on sale often, has coupons AND it works well!
Now for the exciting part Purex has launched a contest (link here), Bid Adieu to Stains and Win.  One person will win $500.00 and 50 people will win a voucher for a free bottle of Purex plus Oxi.  Sounds great right?  It gets better—-I have vouchers for 2 of my readers to win a bottle as well. 
Open to Canadians

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    I found this beautiful white bedspread at a charity shop but it has a stain in the middle…chocolate or coffee maybe. I used spray and wash and bleach but these didn’t work.

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