Homemade De-odourizer Pucks

Ignore that I used my old muffin tin :)

Ok lets just lay it all out to start.  I use disposable diapers and am too lazy to run a stinky one outside to the garbage can.  Soooo that means my diaper pail can get a little rank at times.  The garbage in my downstairs bathroom seems to be a little suspect at times as well.

Last week I saw this great recipe to make these odour absorbing pucks and because they are super easy to make I knew I should share.  They are very cost effective to make.  

The basic recipe is:
1 cup baking soda
Water (I used distilled)
Essential oil (I used mint and lemon)

Mix just enough water with the baking soda to make a thick paste.  Add about 20 drops of essential oil. Pour into lined muffin tin.  Can use regular size as I did or mini.  Let air dry for about 24 hours.  Extra pucks can be stored sealed in a baggie in the freezer.  Remove from paper liner before use.  They are a little crumbly so I would do this once you are at your final destination instead of while walking there…just sayin’ could mean a little sweeping will be in order.
We have been using them for over a week and they work great still.  I have been told they can last up to three weeks and that they work great for cloth diaper pails.  We keep the downstairs bathroom door closed to keep our toddler out so I noticed a faint minty smell when I went in the other day.  Much better than usual.  I think I will have to pick up some more ‘flavours’ of essential oils to play around with once this batch is used up.  Maybe an orange or lavender.  Any suggestions what would be nice in a babies room?

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  1. says

    I am so going to make some of these! Our closets get a really funky smell in them (I think it’s the shoes in there. They really do a number on the air quality!) I have used dryer sheets in there before to help freshen things, but now that I’m more crunchy, I don’t want to be breathing all those nasty chemicals. LOVE that these use all natural ingredients. Thanks for the idea and the recipe! Pinning it now…. :)

  2. Loretta says

    If they crumble easily, just leave them in the paper liner.

    Do you just keep them in the room/closet/cupboard, or put the whole puck in with the waste?

    Am thinking I will try mini ones to put right into the waste container.
    Or perhaps just pour the baking soda in and add the fragrance oils to the paper cup itself. Not sure there’s a benefit to the puck shape. A kid or pet might think it looks edible. Hmmm…

    • admin says

      I do just leave them in the liners now. I put a new one in each time I empty out my garbage. I’d love to hear back from you on what worked best for you.

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